Hanger Unit Bearings

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Hanger bearings are bearings contained in a round housing, designed to provide adjustable support in high vibration conditions, especially screw conveyor applications. The housing usually features a threaded boss for vertical mounting, or a fixed swivel for proper alignment with the shaft. Housing units can be single-piece, which are non separable, or split-piece housings that are bolted together for ease of maintenance or bearing replacement. This unique design is suitable for a variety of applications such as agricultural equipment, heavy industry, automotive assemblies, marine driveshaft assemblies, and aircraft assemblies.Locking types for the housing units include setscrew and eccentric locking collar; a locking mechanism is essential to prevent loose bearings and excessive movement or misalignment. Bearing inserts are replaceable and include roller bearings and plain bearings. Plain hanger bearings feature continuous surface contact between raceways, while roller bearings feature rolling elements between the raceways to minimize friction. Many materials for bearing inserts are available as well, such as steel or ceramic. Most bearings require continuous lubrication, which is essential to the operating life and performance, unless the bearing is self-lubricating. Ceramic bearing inserts normally require no lubrication, and can provide extended operating life, reduced noise, and reduced friction. Some bearings may include felt seals to protect the lubricant and bearing from dirt and dust, improving operating life. Find the hanger bearing to suit your application in our grand selection at MRO Supply.

AMI UEHPL205-16B Hanger Unit Bearings

34 mm 2.5 mm
FCE205- 25.4 mm

AMI UEHPL204B Hanger Unit Bearings

Single 7 Days
7.5 Flange Type

AMI UEHPL205-14B Hanger Unit Bearings

Ball Radial
Flat Metric System

AMI UEHPL206-18B Hanger Unit Bearings

304 Stainless Steel 8 Days
Double 20

AMI UEHPL204-12B Hanger Unit Bearings

Steel 52
Standard Standard

AMI UCECH211 Hanger Unit Bearings

Flange Type Available
Bearings with Housin [Steel] Steel

AMI UCECH211-32 Hanger Unit Bearings

19.5 kN 42 mm
30 mm 46.4 mm

AMI UCECH210-32 Hanger Unit Bearings

Bearings with Housin 47
6 Available

AMI UCECH210-31 Hanger Unit Bearings

Available Deep Groove Ball Bea
[Aluminum Alloy] 201 Bearings with Housin

AMI UCECH210-30 Hanger Unit Bearings

Bearing unit 20400
Cast Iron 32500

AMI UCECH209-28 Hanger Unit Bearings

R1/8" 41.28 mm
40 mm 3.97 mm

AMI UCECH210 Hanger Unit Bearings

21 mm 19 mm
120 °C 0.41 Hz